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About, Steven Soares

Steven has 20+ years of leadership experience, with extensive experience in strategic communication planning and value-added corporate marketing that drives profitability and enhances customer experiences. 


Steven is a Professor at Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies, teaching various disciplines, including courses related to leadership and creating high-performing organizations. 


After spending over a decade working in the investment bank, Steven knows what truly drives change, leading teams while continuously improving and learning new ways of being agile. It's how well you connect and engage in your relationships, cultivating your purpose while being self-led and helping others.


His current research focuses on human behavior and attributes associated with well-being to understand and enhance motivation and mental health. Steven is also interested in self-determination within positive psychology, working to explain optimal motivation through a host of positive outcomes, including resilience, performance, and well-being.


Steven holds a BS in Management and an MS in Corporate & Organizational Communication from Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies. Steven earned his Ph.D. in Organization Psychology. Steven also enjoys endurance running and obstacle courses. 

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