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In my experience and academic research, a community that values each other and drives towards a common goal manages a higher growth rate over a sustainable period. We all put in our best effort while protecting our culture of cultivating the very best in our people. 

Steven Soares, Ph.D.

Professor, Northeastern University

About Steven Soares

Steven is a Communicator, Strengths Coach, and Educator at Northeastern University, teaching various disciplines, including courses related to leadership and creating high-performing organizations. Steven studies mindfulness practices in leaders — how great leaders are self-led and able to lead others through supportive communication and being well. 

Steven has 20+ years of leadership experience, extensive strategic communication planning, learning & leadership development, and mission-driven branding analysis that drives profitability and enhances overall engagement. 



The need for achievement is a component of well-being and is defined by the need to drive towards completing goals through an individual's desire to take ownership. From my perspective, being motivated to perform is also aligned with the community, and the need to feel a part of something greater than oneself in creating impact. 


Steven Soares, Ph.D.




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